Blade Free Lasik

We provide all blade-free, custom, treatment procedures to produce exceptional care for our patients and their experience with us!

Blade Free LASIK is an all laser approach to correcting your vision. This procedure is unique because the surgeon uses a laser to create your corneal flap, a thin layer of tissue that is folded back before treating the cornea. Traditionally in the LASIK and Custom LASIK procedures, surgeons have used a bladed instrument called a microkeratome to create corneal flaps. Now, with Blade Free LASIK, a computer-guided laser is used during the first step of LASIK to create a micro-thin corneal flap. With this technology the surgeon has the ability to customize the corneal flap for every individual patient. The flap is lifted to expose the inner cornea, which is treated with a second laser to correct your vision. It eliminates the hand-held microkeratome, giving you a truly “all laser” procedure. In recent studies done by Intralase, this technology may now make it possible to treat those who were previously dismissed as non- candidates due to thin corneas.

Advantages of Blade-Free LASIK

• Greater Comfort - More than 2,000,000 procedures have been performed comfortably and effectively with Blade Free LASIK using Intralase

• Better Vision - In clinical trials, more patients achieved 20/20 vision or better with Blade Free LASIK than with other LASIK techniques. Patients reported better quality vision overall, especially with low light or night vision. Also, studies have shown dry eye symptoms may be reduced with this procedure.

• Customized Procedure - The Blade-free LASIK procedure allows the surgeon to tailor the dimensions of your corneal flap to your particular eye. Individualized corneal flaps contribute to excellent post-operative outcomes.

Patient Preferred – Laser vs. Blade

In a clinical survey of LASIK patients who had the corneal flap created with the Intralase in one eye and the microkeratome in theother, the vision in the Blade Free treated eye was preferred 3 to 1 (among those who stated a preference).

Confidence in your Decision

As with all technologies that LCCP uses, a comprehensive consultation will determine what is the best treatment for you.


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